ATV Adventures: Exploring the treasures of Arch Canyon Trail

ATV Adventures Arch Canyon Trail 02

With rich history, beautiful scenery and challenging terrain, this ATV trail in San Juan...


British Transport Police say 3 people have been killed by a train in south London

LONDON (AP) — British Transport Police say 3 people have been killed by a train in south London.


Baby born on Paris suburban train gets free rides until 25

PARIS (AP) — The Paris public transport company RATP says a baby boy born in a suburban train will get free rides in the French capital until he is 25. Live-tweeting the event Monday, the RATP said the baby was born in a train in the center of Paris, disrupting traffic on the RER A line. Rescue...


Should liberty icon Faneuil Hall's slave ties mean renaming?

Renaming Faneuil Hall

BOSTON (AP) — It’s called the Cradle of Liberty because it’s where the American Revolution was energized, and it remains one of the most famous buildings in Boston. Now, Faneuil Hall has become one of the latest icons embroiled in debate over whether it should be renamed because of its ties to...


Derailed train bursts into flames in southwest Indiana

PRINCETON, Ind. (AP) — A freight train derailed and several train cars caught fire in southwest Indiana, forcing the mandatory evacuation of nearby homes and businesses. The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office says in a statement the train derailed Sunday evening about 2,100 feet (640 meters) west of a...


British police: 3 men struck dead by train in south London

Britain Train Deaths

LONDON (AP) — Three young men have died after being struck by a train in south London, British Transport Police said Monday. Police said they were trying to determine the details about the deaths at the Loughborough Junction station, on a busy commuter line into the British capital. All three men...


3 money tasks you shouldn't tackle on your own

Nerdwallet Liz Weston Money Tasks Help

No one cares as much about your money as you do, but never asking for help can be dangerous — and expensive. In a previous column , I detailed the hazards of trying to do your own estate plan and how problems often aren’t apparent until it’s too late to fix them. The following financial tasks also...


Van crashes into fans at Dutch festival: 1 dead, 3 injured

AMSTERDAM (AP) — A van ran into a small group of pop music fans near a popular festival in the Netherlands, killing one person and injuring three others before fleeing the scene Monday. A suspect turned himself in to police hours later. Police in the province of Limburg said the suspect in the pre-...


COOKING ON DEADLINE: Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

Food Deadline Ice Cream Pie

If you want to end a summer celebration or gathering with a big old bang, you would be hard pressed to pick a better dessert than an ice cream pie. Somehow, ice cream stuffed into a pie crust just seems so much more festive and decadent and sultry than bowls of ice cream. And it’s one of the...


The trick to keeping your peach cake from getting soggy

Food Column ATK Summer Peach Cake

Add ripe peaches to cake and problems abound: All the juice makes for a soggy cake and their delicate flavor gets lost. Roasting the peaches_and tossing them with peach schnapps_concentrated their flavor and expelled moisture. However, the peaches became swathed in a flavorful but gooey film when...


For your next pasta salad, skip the pasta and go for farro

Food Column ATK Pesto Farro Salad

The first thing we noticed when replacing pasta with whole-grain farro in this nourishing update on pasta salad with pesto was the grain’s fantastic al dente texture. Tender with just the right amount of chew (thanks to boiling pasta-style), each grain stayed distinct, the better to become coated...

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